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Unattended Install Help, Please.

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Hello all,

I'm a total newbie to the "Unattended Install" world and am having some trouble understanding what is supposed to be happening in the tutorial at:


First of all, the "Beginners" portion doesn't actually give you an "Unattended" installation disk.

The second thing I don't understand is the "$OEM$ Distribution Folders?", I understand the layout that is needed on the computer, but "HOW?" is it used to boot from a CD. To me the setup sounds like it's all being done from a network or a secondary drive.

All I want to do is create a "Fully" unattended installation with automatic logon to a specific username, I only need 1 at this point, disable the required logon after you install the .NET Framework Distribution, and some basic drivers added, like the driver for my monitor, video adapter and printer.

Any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated,



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Well all explainations are given on http://unattended.msfn.org/index.htm, but on the OEM dist. folder:

the OEM folder is handled by the setup for putting files where they should be. Everything structured there will be found where u intended to place them (where that is, is described in the above url). So the OEM folders isn't used to boot the cd (or from the cd as u said). U can also put the cmdlines.txt there (not anywhere else) so you are able to "intercept" the setup at a special time (u have a few possible moments to intercept the setup timeline to mess up ur setup :P) to execute commands. These two features are the only things that are important to understand. And yes that structure can be used for a network based unattended installation, but the network based one needs an unattended.txt file and the cd/dvd based one a winnt.sif one.


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