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Mistake in the Unattended XP CD guide


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On the page:


for the manual way, what is in the run box doesn't match what it says to type.

I am assuming that C:\xpsp2.exe is the servicepack2 for XP, it doesn't state that either.

The network (full XP servicepack2) is usually named something more cryptic.

Don't know where else to submit this mistake.

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I can understand that.

While I would not consider myself a beginner, I was reading through the tutorial from scratch since I am new to these forums and the unattended guide when I noticed that the instructions don't match the command.

And since it is supposed to be for beginners, you must usually be very explicit.

I think that it should be mentioned that XPSP2.exe is just the renamed (and shortened) version of the service pack 2 executable and the description should say to type


and not


I figured it was more of a typo/cut-copy-paste error than anything and that someone might want to change it.

I don't know how recently that page was posted but the fact that no one may have pointed it out before now is because everyone understood it without needing to have it corrected.

Heading home now.


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The intention {Now click within the box where it says your filename] is to click the [browse] button and navigate to the SP2.exe file and the whole path will show up without you typing it.


That is the account activation page!

Any reports of errata should go here:


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