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What is Dyanmic Disk?


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yeah I think i'm convinced with your good opnion, I'll reformat it again into only 1 BIG 160 GBs NTFS Partition,

but thing got worse with me :no:! I think I'm really facing a REAL Problem here:

take a look


what the hell does that mean? it occured while I'm moving files to it, god I hated Samsuung! but what Can i do to safely use this HDD? it costs me money man!


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Oh dear!

but when I read the artice , if gave some comfort, since It relate this error to the type of Cable,

I was thinking it could be from the IDE Cable becoz it's a large HDD

I'm using an ordinary 40wire-40 pins cable,

so is it possible if I use the 80 wire - 40 pins IDE cable (That rigid one right?) my hdd will stop acting strange?!

is this 80 wire - 40 pins cable?


also I need wha's the best software for checking HDD for errors and bad sectoers + Fixing them?

I tried Error-Checking when I right-click on my HDD, but it stopped somewhere and appearing the dreaded (Delayed Write Failed...etc)!

I found this useful artice Called:

Do I HAVE to use an 80 wire IDE cable for my hard drive?


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You don't have to use one for the hard drive, but it is certainly better to do so. The 40 wire cables tend to get interference between the wires, while the 80 wire cables don't (there's a ground wire between each signal). Put an 80-wire cable in there and see if that helps things.

You should also check what mode your hard drive is working in. Go to Device Manager and expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Double click on Primary IDE channel and Secondary IDE channel. Under Advanced Settings, the Transfer mode should be set to DMA if available. Check what the Current Transfer Mode is as well (it should be Ultra DMA mode with that hard drive).

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thanx Zxian, and I found my IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers on PIO Only

I think a 100% it's the cause, Now I set it to DMA if Available

till now , I moved alot of data to/from my HDD 160 , nothing wrong happened :P:)

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