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Admins - Sorry if this is in the wrong section. if so please could you move. Thanks

I dont think this is illegal but i want to unlock my mobile phone so i can insert any SIM card into it (if you dont know when you insert a SIM from another network it will ask for a password - you have to pay for the password which is admin fee but i think ill want to do this myself rather than pay them). I know it may void my warranty etc but i wondered if anyone know a program that i can use or any information on this?


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Here is the unlocker

Just extract it there are 2 programs in it

Both free and legal

It unlocks




and a few more

EDIT: Forgot to attach the file lol

EDIT 2: Ok it wont let me, i will find a link later or direct me to a GOOD site to upload it to its only 250kb its a zip file, please dont give me that rapid share i dont like it :P

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It is impossible to unlock a motorola for free. Its been tried, tested and allt he other things. I've flexedited, hacked, shorted and it's impossible to freely unlock a motorola unless some hacks the algortithm.

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I have a Motorola V535 and i've unlocked it, it was stuck on the Optus network (**** Optus) now im fine on a Telstra sim, and other people have tried Vodaphone SIMs in mine and it works (Before it didnt)

I Used a Flex of someone else and Hex Edited it so it would suit my phone - i had alot of help from people at Motomodders.net

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