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pre-execute in select install


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I'm rebuilding my xplode install using xplode 4.3 and the select install.

What I'm wondering is that if it is possible to 'silently' execute some <execute> entries. Example: for nero I have two seperate executions and I only want to have one check box associated with the install part, therefore the registration part would be done silently.

<item display="Nero Burning ROM">
  <execute display="Registering">
   <arguments>/S #systemdrive#\Install\Nero6608a\nero.reg</arguments>

  <execute display="Installing">
   <arguments>/SILENT /NO_UI /NOREBOOT</arguments>

I have read the manual and discovered in this new version of xplode there is a <pre-execute> feature. However, from what I understand this may only be used once per .xml and I've already used it to silenty add my user accounts.

Edit: Just discovered from some other posts that this feature I'm looking for (command grouping) may be added to future versions of xplode.

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