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Opera 8 (browser) for all Mobile/Smartphones


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download as per your phone model


Opera for Mobile: Spinning the Web into handsets

Mobile phones are becoming more data-centric and evolving into what the industry calls "smartphones", while PDAs are becoming commonplace among business people and students. The two categories are converging into a new hybrid, providing powerful computer power and a phone in your shirt pocket.

Equipped with Opera's Small-Screen Rendering™ technology, these small Internet devices can display full HTML-enabled Internet without any horizontal scrolling.

Opera 8 for Symbian Series 60 phones

Get the full Internet experience on your mobile phone

Opera 8 for series 60 phones is designed for speed and usability, and it is based on the latest technology from the Opera 8 desktop browser. While lower-level phone browsers offer only WAP browsing, the Opera mobile browser gives you the power to navigate Web sites that are not designed with mobile devices in mind, including complex Web applications with advanced features.


Key Features in Opera 8 for Symbian Series 60

* Based on the latest core rendering engine

Browsing on a mobile device should not lessen the Internet experience. The mobile browser is based on the latest technology found in the desktop versions of Opera 8, with extensive Web standards support. For you, this means you will get access to more pages than ever before from your mobile. Read more about specifications supported in Opera 8 for Series 60.

* Improved Small Screen Rendering

After introducing Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) in 2002 to reformat Web pages to small screens, Opera has continued development to make the Web fit your handheld device. The latest Opera 8 features Color Small-Screen Rendering (CSSR), which allows you to keep more of the original site design and layout than the previous version. Select "Speed" mode over "Quality" to get more basic page rendering which is approximately 25% faster.

* Speed

Opera 8 has significantly improved performance, particularly with 3G-enabled phones. On slower networks we recommend using our Mobile Accelerator to get faster speeds and smaller data transfers. If you have a 3G-enabled phone, such as Nokia 6630 or 6680, you will have a browsing experience with Opera 8 not previously seen on mobile phones.

* Improved navigation

Opera now uses four-way navigation on all pages. This makes link selection easier, regardless if fit-to-window is turned on or off: just move the joystick to go to the next link in any direction. Opera 8 also features fast scrolling in all directions, which is particularly important on a small device.

* Integrated search with Google

Go to the search site of your choice, or use the built-in Google search.

* Other updates include:

    * Faster exit than previous versions

    * Padlock icon displayed on secure Web sites

    * For more information, read the Opera 8 changelog

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