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Complex DVD-R Project


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I am working on a project for creating a set of custom DVD movies. I am looking for suggestions for the best software to use for this purpose. What follows is the best description I can come up with for what I'm wanting to do. Anyone who can offer advice of software to use for this or who might be willing to offer suggestions for how to go about using it for this, would be greatly appreciated. I've got a collection of cartoon episodes that are currently in .avi format. I'm wanting to edit them and put them onto a DVD, but in a specific way. I'm wanting to edit the episodes as follows;

1.) I'd like to edit the intro on the episodes so that only the first episode on the disc shows the intro to the show, and each episode after that goes directly to the beginning of its episode without showing the intro. I'm also wanting to edit the episodes so that only the last episode on the disc shows the ending credits. So for example, if I put 5 episodes on the DVD, only episode 1 would show the cartoons introduction at its beginning and only episode 5 would show the ending credits.

2.) I'd like to arrange the episodes so that each episode on the disc is seen as a different chapter so that if you press the skip/next button on the remote it will advance to the beginning of the next episode, and if you press the back/previous button on the remote it will go back to the previous episode on the disc.

3.) I'd like them arranged so that if you start episode one, without stopping or returning to any menu, the DVD will automaticly progress into episode 2 at the end of episode 1, and then onto episode 3 at the end of episode 2, without any user interaction. So there is no need to stop the DVD and return to the main menu to choose the next episode.

4.) I'd like to be able to put together a professional quality looking menu which would give the user the ability to directly choose to watch any particular episode on the disc of their choosing, or simply start at episode 1 which would progress on its own through episodes 2, 3, and so on as if the episodes were chapters in a movie, but still leave the option of exiting any episode to go back to the main menu and directly choosing a different episode from the menu to watch. If possible i'd like the menu to look fairly professional with a high quality picture and to have each episode listed in order by its name on the menu.

5.) I'd like assistance in finding and putting together a good quality cover for the DVD case itself as an insert, where the front of the DVD case cover would show a high quality picture and the name of the cartoon, with the back of the cover also having a high quality picture that would have a highlighted area listing the names of the episodes on that particular disc. Likewise a quality image to use for the disc lable itself to be printed out and put onto the DVD disc.

Anyone who has any suggestions or advice for how i'd go about this, please feel free to either reply to this post, private message me here, or use the instant messenger screen names listed in my sig to IM me about it. Would greatly appreciate the assistance. Thanks in advance.

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I can't believe nobody's helped you out here yet mate. It's not often you see such a well written question with all the needed information in it from the go. Added to that none of what you want to do is terribly complex.

Get a video editing program and chop the bits off each episode you don't want.

Then get a dvd authoring program like pegasys dvd author: http://www.pegasys-inc.com/en/index.html

whack them all in there and set up links between the episodes.

the program should do the encoding for you and output a set of writeable files.

The most difficult thing you will need to do is create the menu's.

I will help you more if needed but i'm going to assume you've found out how to do this elsewhere since it's been a month since you posted this.

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Use the pegsus's for the DVD encoding.

As for software, see if you can find Dazzle DVD Complete Deluxe

It's a good starting package. Only supports 4:3 and stereo, but can do just about anything. It works best when you have tmpgenc export m2v + wav/mp3/mp2 files (rather than just an mpeg2 file). Your 5 episods should be rendered into 1 file. If you place your episodes into separate files, your DVD will pause between chapters/movies.

Your max bit rate should be less than 7 mbs, you min above 1.5 mbs. CBR, DVD-R, lpcm (wav) and 4-6 mbs will has the best compatibilty for use with home dvd players.

Dazzle DVD Complete Deluxe will let you choose a background, set chapter points (skipping to the next episode), have moving chapters images, have moving backgrounds, overtures, hold multiple movies, with the option of what to play first, second,..., and select what action to take after the last video has played (stop, go to root menu, etc).

It can do everything you say. I use when I get people who want home videos to DVDs (Rather than adobe's collection).

Since it's an old package, you most likely will only be able to create the files on your computer, so also purchase Nero Burning ROM 6.6 Ultra Edition

Use NeroVision Express 3 to view you DVD, and then use Nero Burning ROM to burn your video DVD.

Generally DVDs are done in Several Parts:

What ever you have done

1 Capture (lossless)


2 trim/cut/paste (lossless)

3 Render (lossy)

4 Render again because the size didn't fit on the DVD or it was too small

Dazzle DVD Complete Deluxe

5 Set Chapter Points

6 Select DVD Menu Theme or make your own

7 Select DVD Labels or make your own

8 Create Files

Nero Burning ROM

9 View DVD (check for errors)

10 burn DVD

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Just one or two tips for easy to use software:

For filtering & effects (will also do capture) Virtual Dub - it's freeware


To encode it has to be TMPEGEnc Plus - there is a usable free version


To Author - set up your episodes, menus, intro, outros etc the easiest one to get good looking results is the Pegasys DVD Author reccomended by dnrc. As long as your disc is not tight on space you don't even have to mess about cutting of your intros etc - you just set the entry point for the episode after the intro.


As for covers and menu pics, how about PSP?

BTW - if you are designing your menu screen for TV you have to remember the "safe zone" that shows on your PC monitor but NOT on your TV - you could use this template


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