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some info about unattended fixes

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i've lost some step into creation of a unattended cd....

i've integrated sp2, i've got my program to install correctly but i've lost some info about release of NEW WINDOW UPDATE V6....

so, my svcpack.inf is:

;Windows XP
Signature="$Windows NT$"



wi31.exe /Q /N /Z                  <--- this is window installer 3.1
KB873333.exe /Q /N /Z
KB873339.exe /Q /N /Z
KB883939.exe /Q /N /Z
KB885250.exe /Q /N /Z
KB885835.exe /Q /N /Z
KB885836.exe /Q /N /Z
KB886185.exe /Q /N /Z
KB887742.exe /Q /N /Z
KB888113.exe /Q /N /Z
KB888302.exe /Q /N /Z
KB890830.exe /Q
KB890859.exe /Q /N /Z
KB891781.exe /Q /N /Z
KB893086.exe /Q /N /Z
KB896358.exe /Q /N /Z
KB896422.exe /Q /N /Z
KB901214.exe /Q /N /Z
KB903235.exe /Q /N /Z

i don't use /integrate sintax.....

is it correct of there are some mistakes?thanks for the help....

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