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Attribute problem, All my files

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I did some searching and I know how to change the attribute (in cmd) of file/folder. ie:

ATTRIB -R %systemdrive%\ /S /D

but, I dont want all the files to be Read Only, for example boot.ini is Read Only by default.

And, I think I got more like a priviledge problem or something,

maybe I dont have permissions to change the attributes in the first place.

Maybe whilst setup is writing files to the HD it dont have priviledges or something?

That's my best guess atm.

(Of course, I wonder how I came up with the Read Only problem in the first place,

using nLited XPProSp2, added RyansFullHotfix with nLite, and then BTS Driver back.)

Just thought of asking here since im getting tired/ running out of time of searching cuz teh board-search goes titsup

if I use more than one word (not much to play with).

Im pretty sure its something simple I've overlooked, it always is.


Any tips on this, out of hat, just like that?

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I'm a little bit confused here...but most of the files in %systemdrive% will be read only anyway...are you trying to say you are adding new files that are being copies from your cd/dvd as read-only and you don't want them to be or that you want to make all the files in the %systemdrive% read-only...

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The problem is, after the install I got a folder called Firefox in C where the Windows is too.

The Firefox folder is Read Only, my cleanup.cmd cant delete it.

The same cleanup works on other folders thought, in C, namely the Install folder.

Well, I just got tired about the whole thing. Been on this UACD too many days on the row, need a little break.


I think there's some little thing im overlooking somewhere and im just too lazy atm

to start going through the shabang.


I noticed all the files in C drive is Read Only after the install.

I dont think thats the way it was meant to be?

I might be wrong on that thought, never had the need to "know"

if they are Read Only before.

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Ahhhh I think I understand...

As for the firefox folder, it is locked until you reboot....you just have to delete it when you log back in to windows for the 2nd time, or set up a script to do it for you...

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