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One Clean Install?


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Can some one please post a simple guide, explaining exactly hoe you add extra programs to an unattended instal, i know theres information all over the place, but some of them dont even work!

Theres a tutorial on how to do this, on this very site, the one with the copy.archiovs, but icant seem to get this to work, (maybe im typing my syntax wrong?)

ok, heres my beef,

Im doing the unattended install, as you know, but when im typing my syntax, it doesnt seem to be working. the operating system install silently but it doesnt delete the desktop shortcuts or add any installed programs.

This is what i type

e:\setup.exe /msbatch.inf /id /is /iw

And then leave it

Im not entirley sure what or where im supposed to type in the msbatch file,

i just want it to open and run a .bat file during installation.

From there i can do the arkward bit of typing all the switches, (see, i have searched)

If anyone could provide a decent, follow-able guide, id be so grateful, Steve

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:hello: i think what fathom wants is a batch file with ie6/dx9/mp9 included in the install to make a up 2 date 98se cd . i think it might be better to include the above in sp2.2 but this is not gapes goal understanable because it breaks eula agreements etc but a easy tuturial and a batch file explain where to put ie6 dx9c/mp9 exe and such is really what these nebies want a complete unattented cd up to date for 2005 so they dont need to spend another 30 minutes installing above exe manually hell id even buy such a cd but not here from msfn but in theory id love such a thing .maybe someone will come follow with a batch etc.
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To tell the truth i've never had much luck running batch files or executables from msbatch.inf. Hell... even the supposed changes per "BATCH.EXE" from the resource kit to get rid of the desktop shortcuts never worked for me. Not to mention I believe one of it's switches to speed up reboot on an install gives the opposite switch. My project has consisted of many, many fresh installs, using inctrl5(not sure of availability anymore) and dragging inf files from precopy2.cab into my install directory. I mod them a little to add this program or that game or change the layout.inf files redirecting to my own cab file containing better programs; such as metapad over notepad. I haven't figured out how to do the more complex programs or running batch or executables yet. I will eventually I think. I would try finding out more on how to do this on the "Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack" section of these forums. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=91

If this isn't quite what you were looking for... my appologies.


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To replace, let's say, Notepad by Metapad, simply do the following:

o copy Metapad into the Win98 installation (source) folder

o rename Metapad to Notepad

All files in the Win98 installation (source) folder take precedence

over the files which are packed in the .CAB files.

That way all programs which do not require a setup or installation

can easily be "installed".

This also holds true for MS system and security updates. One can

extract all files from these Qxxxxxx.exe files (simply run Qxxxxxx.exe /q:a /c /t:c:\updates\Q\xxxxxx),

and then copy the relevant files to the Win98 installation folder.

To find out the relevant files have a look at the [sourceDisksFiles] section

in the Qxxxxxx.INF file.

Other programs or drivers which come with an .inf file can (should)

be installed via the INFINST program which can be found in

the TOOLS folder on the W98 cd. INFINST creates a file named

CUSTOM.INF, which will be processed by the win98 setup.

Individual registry settings can be implemented through

custom .REG files. To merge these .REG files into the registry

add a RUNONCE entry in the "delayed.batch" section of

the MSBATCH.INF. I don't remember the exact wording -

search MSBATCH.INF for "runonce" or "delay".

These RUNONCE entries are also useful to call

setup programs for other applications.

An unattended setup including the nVidia Detonator (graphics) driver,

TweakUI, 3Com network driver, Q243199 NDIS update, RASPPPOE network driver,

some personal registry tweaks and some additional utilities

can be done within 15 minutes. :)

The only thing which I still could not get rid off are 3 mouse clicks

to confirm the PC name, the serial number, and a last confirmative click

in the early stage of the setup process. Any idea for that?

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i could give you my batch if you like, it cuts out the key, the monitor but not the password screen, however, if you put nothing in there the first time, it never sks again, you want me to post it for you?

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Check this out,

Auto logon

; The line below turns off the user logon going into Windows (needed for

; factory configuration portion of Express setup).

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Network\Real Mode Net","autologon",1,00000000

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