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need help with installing xp


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hi guys, i just brought a new system that i put together myself.. the parts are:

motherboard: gigabyte ga-k8nxp-sli

cpu: amd athlon 64 3500+

graphics card: gigabyte rx300-se 128mb

ram: geil value 1 gig kit - 2 x 512mb

hard drive: western digital 160 gig sata drive with 8 mb cache

got cd rom and floppy drive

now this is my problem, when i install windows xp it completes and everything seems fine until it reboots, after the gui windows xp pro loading screen it goes to a blue error screen and it says registry error, something about not being able to load a system file from the hive (file)

it's racking my brain, plz does anyone know why it does this????? :no:

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Did you install the SATA drivers correctly by using the F6 option and inserting a floppy with the correct drivers? The reason I ask is that I made an updated Windows Xp CD with SP2 and the SATA drivers via nlite so I didnt have to do the F6 route and the SATA drivers didnt get loaded properly but it let it did go through the install process just fine but upon the reboot the system looked like it was going to load and then crashed to the beautiful blue screen of death on the first reboot. That's the first thing off the top of my head since I had this problem like two days ago. Hope this helps if not I will try my best to come up with another solution. :thumbup

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Can you answer a couple of questions to help troubleshoot the problem. Is that cd a verified working copy? Because like boooggy was asking if it happens to be a slipstreamed copy all sorts of errors could happen if certain files were removed to make the windows cd smaller. During the install does it indicate you are missing certain files at any time before the first reboot? That would indicate the cd might be the culprit. Final question can you generate the error again and maybe post the error code using this for example "0x0000007B or INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" this will help alot. Thanks :thumbup

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yeah the cd does work cause i have use it to reinstall on the laptop i'm using now and on my pc i had b4.. just this one is giving me the grief.. i have done a low level format and reinstalled windows again and now i get a black screen and it says,

windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


during install there are no signs of a bad install, everything works fine and completes fully.. when it reboots after that i get this message..

i have read on the net to try repair the install by using the cd to boot up the recovery console, but now when i do this after i try boot from the cd it say detecting harware, then the screen goes black and just hangs..

any info or help would be much appreciated.. i've never had so much trouble b4.. i'm getting grey over this pc..

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The following will only work if you can get into the recovery console unfortunately. :(

If you get the error:

Windows could not start because the following files is missing or corrupt


1. Insert and boot from your WindowsXP CD.

2. At the first R=Repair option, press the R key

3. Press the number that corresponds to the correct location for the installation of Windows you want to repair.

Typically this will be #1

4. Enter in the administrator password when requested

5. cd \windows\system32\config

6. Depending on which section was corrupted:

ren software software.bad or ren system system.bad

7. Depending on which section was corrupted

copy \windows\repair\system

copy \windows\repair\software

8. Take out the CD ROM and type exit



Look at page two


Here is a link to a registry recovery tool that you can sample a demo of that might help . Registry Recovery Tool Demo

Found this on a forum not sure if it works but it's worth a try.

Boot the Computer,

Press DEL <or whatever key gets you into Bios> F-1 or F-10,

Go Into Integrated Peripherals,

Go Into VIA OnChip PCI Device,

Check to see if the OnBoard LAN Boot ROM is Disabled, If not Disable it.

He states that this Fixed 5 Computers.

Here is another solution I found somebody used on a forum.

Just thought I'd note that after extensive reconfiguring and reformatting/reinstalling, I finally checked into the BIOS options and tweaked the settings a bit. What seems to have worked for me was to change the RAM settings from AUTO to the exact bus speed that I wanted. As MS' own KB article suggests checking memory when getting the aforementioned error, such a fix seems not unreasonable. I've had about 15 reboots without issue. Before the fix, I was hitting it every second or third power on.

Sorry for the late reply but hope this helps. :thumbup

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