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Spy Sweeper 4.0


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Are you referring to Webroot Spy sweeper V4.0.1.323? Its still beta. So maybe "Final" will install OK as before. Webroot Spy Sweeper v3.5.0 Build 199 is still the official LATEST final version.

Webroot Spy sweeper

N.B. Some people also reporting virus warnings when installing V4.0.1.323 and also some people can only install it in Safe Mode. Not beta?? :whistle:

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It does not say its BETA

4.0.1  (Build 323)
Subscription Service: Activated (Expires: dinsdag 16 mei 2006)

When they have an update i receive an e-mail.

I get one last week , in the mail they also didnt mentioned BETA

So what u say is not true , sorry.

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I bought Spy Sweeper, and i receive emails about them including updates

So nice site you gave us , but i have to dissapoint you.

Its no BETA

read again m8

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Why is the site called BETAnews?

P.S. There's a clue in the name. :whistle:

And they continue to update releases until it goes final and then it will say so. The software manufacturers USE BETAnews as a platform for their products and to get info to the marketplace. When it goes final they'll report it and issue the version number.

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i believe webroot, and not a geek beta site...

but since you dont have a clue what you talking about, maybe someone else knows how to solve this problem

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Before this breaks out into an all-out flame war, here's what I noticed:

If you already have Spy Sweeper 3.5 installed, and click the "Update Program" button under Options, the Web site tells you that you have the most current version installed.


If you go to Webroot's web site, click on "Re-Download Purchased Software", and enter your information, it sends you a link for 4.0. The installation is for 4.0.1 Build 331. The new download is about 6 MB, twice as large as the size of 3.5.

If you right-click the executable, under Properties -> Version -> Comments it says the executable's built using Inno Setup, but I also couldn't get any of the usual Inno Setup switches to work.

Also, based on the way the program looks and feels, I'd say it's still a beta. Graphics are not as advanced as in 3.5. Memory scan takes a long time, but scans of the hard drive hardly take any time at all, so overall scan time is down. If you're concerned about being exposed to spyware, you may want to continue to run 3.5, since it's the tried and true. If your system is somewhat safe, and behind a firewall, and you don't participate in the "click the monkey and you win a prize!" crap, go ahead and give 4.0 a try.

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like i said, they sended me an e-mail with update, they never send me betas

and when i try to install, it says its damaged, please reinstall, on all machines.

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Here my contribution.

1) I build a AutoIt installer here enclosed. Tested Working.

Before running it, please enter yr registration code in line 5


Moreover, I added a


command this will uncheck the "Run Spy Sweeper Now". Therefore, "taskkill /F /IM SpySweeper.exe



" is not more needed

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I had "register spy sweeper now" too and i deleted it because it doesn't detected.

I think it detected in the first install.

As I had to install many times for testing and building the AutoIt installer, the "register spy sweeper now" wasn't anymore dectected and the install stoped.

Anyway... Good Job


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