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XP installation across 3 systems


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Hello all,

I am about to install XP PRO on 2 laptops and a desktop PC.

I have installed XP PRO 4 times after HD crashes or virus attacks, yet on each installation I have NEVER been able to install without some files missing, especially on the dll sections.

As I need to install in order to get the 3 computers cleanly talking to each other whenever I send or download from one to another, is there anything I should do in particular when making the new installation? Should I not download certain files or do I need to download extra files from the net?? I don't want to get frustrated by one laptop running perfectly while the other won't, or a simple download between them refuses etc.

Many thanks in advance

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What do you mean, some files missing, as in the Copy Section whilst still in the crappy looking dos emu??? if so, how are you able to keep on installing!!!

if some dll's are missing after the install routine is finished however, then there is no problem. And all you would need to do after install would be to enable file and printer sharing... placing them on the same workgroup helps as well.

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What do you mean by missing files? Does some software fail to function properly after a fresh installation?

BTW, you can't install XP on 3 machines legally, unless you have a VLK. :huh:

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