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Adding to registry with winrar sfx


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I know how to run a program after extraction, but is there a way I can add a .reg file to the registry using winrars sfx withouth having to make a cmd file that does it for me?

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Hi. :hello:

I'm not really sure about your question. Do you want to run a program (or an installer) after the extraction of the sfx then run a regfile to register the app? In that case, there is no solution other than using a batch file. That is a known limitation of WinRAR and other sfx makers. They can only execute one action after the extraction.

This is what you have to do:

1. Copy the installer and the regfile in the same directory.

2. Create a batch script that has this code. You can call it whatever you want, and of may edit the code to satisfy your needs.

start /w yourprogram.exe
regedit /s yourregfile.reg

3. Create an sfx that triggers the batch script.

That's the only solution for that. :)

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