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:( hi all don here made a new xp disk with xpcreate and all the downloads from xpcreate used fail safe list to dloaded them and my scsi drivers too xpcreate had no errors ether with the files in the right folders made the iso img and burned it to a cd installed it watched every thing sofar sogood well not when xploads i get the first loading bar ok then i get xp splash screen ok to a point then a blue screen of death real fast one can not read it though and then a reboot then it starts to load again up to the spash screen and blue screen of death and starts all over again can some help here B) thanks
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My suggestion ... First, create an XPCREATE CD without the SATA drivers, and add the SATA drivers manually with the F2 (I think it is F2) button during setup. If that works, and we have thus validated the drivers themselves, then try again, adding the SATA drivers as outlined on the XPCREATE Web Site. If the BSOD appears, report the error here, including an upload of LOGFILES.CAB, and I will see if there is something I can find wrong.

Not having the hardware, it is difficult to test the SATA configurations. I just integrate the drivers as per Microsoft's recommendations, and it is certainly possible that some just will not work this way.

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