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Windows-compatible Partition


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This problem had me going for a whole day, i cant install Win XP Pro, because when I'm supposed to choose a partition to install it says "This partition is not windows-compatible". How do you create a windows-compatible partition?

*I've tried to in the setup by simply remove one partition and then create a new one, dont work.

*I've tried to use partition magic and create a partition and then try to install on that specefic partition, dont work.

*I've tried to enter the recovery console and then use the format c: to make the partiton windows-compatible, dont work.

I searched and didn't find an answer to this.

Thanks for any help


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If you've tried using Partition Magic to create the partition, you need to make sure that the partition is a Primary partition, or that you have free space that isn't in the Extended partition (where logical partitions lie).

Try going back to PM and find out if this is the case.

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Hi, robbygeorge here.

I have used pq8, and have complete success in creating partitions,formatting,and making the primary partition Active.

I would recomend using pq8 to partition ALL types of hard-drives.

PQ8 is really a program called POWERQUEST, which I have in my possession, and can be installed on your hard-drive (if you have windows installed ), to find & fix any problems like: converting to fat32 from ntfs, or visa-versa. I have tried both NTFS for Windows XP Pro., and also FAT32 for Windows XP Pro. I would definitly prefer the FAT32 fike system as being far superior to NTFS. My computer runs smoother, faster, and with no problems at all. NTFS seems to be slower, a bit bumpy, and is vulnerable to serious problems. I have had a dual-boot system installed [using PQ8] but find that the Windows 98 partition was not used very often, so I reformatted [PQ8 again] and reinstalled WindowsXP-Pro on the one single partition. p/s When you install pq8 on the hard-drive, you are given the option of making a set of floppy disks to use when you need to re-format

your hard-drive. Floppy No.1 is a boot disk, No2 is the PQ8 program.


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The partitiontable is probably corrupt or an other OS (like linux) was installed.

There are several programs which can help repartition the drive. Other before me have mentioned some (partition magic is also a favorite of mine).

If you don't have the software available, you could make a bootdisk with fdisk and format on it, boot from disk and see what partitions are on your disk.

If needed repartion the disk (1 primary partition smaller then 54Gb). Exit fdisk and reboot from flop. Execute "Fdisk /mbr" (you get no respons just the next prompt) and then run format /s to install the boot-information from flop to harddrive. Now you should be able to boot from the harddisk in dos.

If all this works, installing windows from CD should work too. If this doesn't work, you better check your disk for errors. (Every manufacturer has a program you can run from floppy-disk for error-testing).

Good luck.

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Another possiblity is a hidden recovery (ghost) partition if you have a factory PC.

Win XP can be installed in an extended logical partition as long as the boot files are in the first primary partition.

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well, i searched my way to solve this and someone told me to try the winxp installation with only one disk plugged. i tried to unplugg all the other drives and there, it works!

thanks for all the answers anyway :)

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