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  1. Yea, I thought about this aswell, as my last option kinda. I guess there are no easy way to just prompt for a password whenever accessing a share then. The server is just running as a member of a Windows network, as I'm not all that familiar with domain control etc. I'll just map the drives then I guess Thanks for your answer!
  2. Hi, First of all I just want to say that I tried look into this myself. But I can't find anything about it. I'm testing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 at home and my parents and my sister got one computer, but i got different shares for them with password protection. The problem is that when for example my parents login to their share you can't access the other shares, only says "Access Denied". I want it to ask for password, so you can access the other shares if you use the correct password. There must be a way to solve this, right? I have looked in the Server 2008 server management but didn't find anything. Might be a solution in Windows XP, as it seems to keep the connection to the server even though you closed that window. But would be easier to set up something server-side? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Sorry i got you waiting, looks like the email on reply doesn't work properly. Well, this happens when booting into safemode, that's pretty odd. But ill try ad aware and spybot too, thanks for you help
  4. Well, normally my comp is about 0-2% cpu usage but this prob starts to be annoying. Ill start up and after a minute, maybe two my cpu usage is about 90-100%. I go nuts and try to find out whats using all this cpu, but all the processes in the taskmanager together doesn't even get above 10%. there is a "hidden" process or some other sort of crap running? Got Norton Antivirus and MS Antispyware and neither of them show anything about this. If someone else got a similar problem or solved a similar problem i would be very glad to be enlighted System: Windows XP Pro Norton Antivirus 2005 MS Antispyware Beta1 A64 3500+ 1024 memory @ 200(400)mhz
  5. well, i searched my way to solve this and someone told me to try the winxp installation with only one disk plugged. i tried to unplugg all the other drives and there, it works! thanks for all the answers anyway
  6. Hi This problem had me going for a whole day, i cant install Win XP Pro, because when I'm supposed to choose a partition to install it says "This partition is not windows-compatible". How do you create a windows-compatible partition? *I've tried to in the setup by simply remove one partition and then create a new one, dont work. *I've tried to use partition magic and create a partition and then try to install on that specefic partition, dont work. *I've tried to enter the recovery console and then use the format c: to make the partiton windows-compatible, dont work. I searched and didn't find an answer to this. Thanks for any help Copyright

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