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Network Sharing - Missing Files And Folders?

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I was trying to access my E drive from a remote PC using e$ yea I know security ant to good on my network

Well I could see some files and folders. If you typed the entire address it would still load the 'hidden' files

I have found a workaround

ping the computer to get its IP and type in the IP instead of the computer name

NS1 - Before

NS2 - After using IP and refreshed normal link

Has anyone else experienced this? Especially if you have use my WinNT Tweaker (Please state version) and/or RyanVM's update pack (State version)

I used a slightly modified WinNT Tweaker v1.1005 and also RVM Update Pack v1.2

Pretty sure it wasn’t doing this before Ryan's latest pack (v1.2)

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Myabe its a regtweak causing this?

I thought that too hence why my WinNT Tweaker has been taken off until I figure out what it is

I need to install this PC again with out the tweaks all the clients have been reinstalled its just the data server left now

I have reinstalled my data server now so will find out next time I try and browse my drives from a remote PC

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Hi your problem is because of this update KB885250.

Just uninstall it and all will get back.

I had the same problem ;)


I have it installed and there’s no problem with it on my computer, just not using my tweaking app until I have updated it. It was installed using RyanVM Pack v1.2

Just adding last few things to the Engine side of things then I will get on with creating the tweaks list hopefully I will be able to generate it from a database instead of typing it all out. Next version will more than likely by hand coded and the version after that will hopefully be generated. Hand coding this one so I know what the compiler need to be capable of.

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