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Default Images Not Displaying


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Consider the following code:

 <!-- Display Plugin Parameters -->
 <display plugin='#XPLODE#\XPlodeOriginalInstall.x4d'>
 <show total='6' after='4' subcount='true' />
 <font face='Tahoma' antialias='false' small='8' large='13' />
 <window width='340' position='5' fixmain='0' />
 <windowmode mode='GuiRedraw' border='false' />
   <header back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\head.png' />
   <footer back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\foot.png' />
   <progress border='#000000' back='#FFFFFF' fore='#008800' fore2='#00AA00' />
   <main back='#6699FF' fore='#FFFFFF' current='#FFFF00' description='#FFFFFF'
   image='%XPLODE%\images\main.png' overlay='#FFFFFF22' />

The problem is that the images, head.png, foot.png, and main.png, do not display when xplode runs with the above code. What I do get is the explode window without the images. I have tried several different combinations, even replacing the % with # to see if that would work. The code above was taken almost verbatim from the example XML files, and I have checked it with the docs, and it all checks out. I have tried the logfile, but there are no errors being listed there either. So what's going on? If I'm doing something wrong, I sure don't see what it is. :unsure: Or, could it be a bug in the XPlodeOriginalInstall.x4d plugin? :wacko:

Any suggestions or ideas are appriciated.

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