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Create Vendor Image (sysprep)


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Good day All,

I have a request from my customer to provide a sysprep image to the Hardware vendor for imaging onto the Ordered PC's. However the cutomer has multiple OU's in which this computer can live in.

So I was wondering if anyone know's how if the following can be done and How to do it... Or at least point me to some website...

- system boots to DIAG (partition or Ram Drive)

- Run scripts based on Diag boot

- Injects files from Diag Part to 2nd Partition that houses PQI image of system

- removes first partition and makes the 2nd Partition as the active..

Anyone have any experiense doing something like this?


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This may not be the exact answer you are looking for but here goes.

If I understand what you are trying to do then I think you can just use Bart's Modboot or even better Bart's Network Boot Disk

You can map a network drive then just do a network unattend install. You can put any script you want to run in your unattend install. That way you don't have to mess with deleting partitions.

If you have the money you can also do a RIS Install

As far as creating a diagnostic partition why not just have a diagnostic CD like Bart's PE

I feal like a Bart Lagerweij spokesperson. It is good software I assure you.

Hope this helps :rolleyes:

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