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Installing A Graphics Card


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It seems to me that many people installing a graphics card for the first time are completely puzzled. So I decided to compile this little guide to help the beginners out there frustrated with what's wrong with their card. Some people report having AGP 0x due to the fact that they had installed the card wrong. In most cases, you can just replace AGP with PCI-X if you have such card. So here's the steps:

1. Open your computer case and remove the metal protector guarding the AGP slot.

2. Align your GFX card with the AGP slot, noting the breaks, and insert it gently in.

3. Close your case and replace anything you have removed from the case, besides the slot protector.

4. Start up your computer and download the GFX card driver.

5. Go to your mobo maker's site and download the AGP PCI to PCI driver (This is IMPORTANT if you do not want AGP 0x)

6. Restart computer and go into the BIOS to configure your card.

The step that most people miss is Step 5, downloading the AGP PCI to PCI driver. Although these steps should work with PCI-X, I can't make any guarantees, as I don't have one.

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The AGP PCI to PCI driver is usualy incoorporated in the INF or chipset update of the motherboard. THough I don't think you will need it if you have a new board with AGP as the AGP bus should interface directly with the processor core.

The same goes voor the PCI-Express bus. The first video-cards where AGP-cards which just happened to fit in PCI-Express slots. The new cards should work without PCI to PCI drivers. (If I am correct).

Indifferent from above, it is always a good idea to install your latest chipset update.

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