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Help With Diffrent Categories

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under every catagory there is a line brake it looks like that goes across the screen about 90% for where it starts.

I really want to remove wpi from creating one of these (or even making it 0px in hight) after every diffrent catagory or at all.

please let me know if you can help.


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copy the vaio-theme's category.htm to the default theme's folder and edit it to your like. when no category.htm is found in a theme folder, the default fom boxes.js is taken (catch clause):

function CategoryHeader(category)
 var tf, strfile;
var txt=new String(); txt = "";
 var line = new String(); line="";
 var ex;

 strFile = WPIPath() + "themes\\" + theme + "\\category.htm";
try {
 tf = fso.OpenTextFile(strFile, 1);  
 while (!tf.AtEndOfStream)
   line = tf.ReadLine();
 txt += line;  
catch (ex) {
 txt = ('<div class="category">' + category + '</div><hr align="left" width="95%">\n');
finally { if (tf) tf.Close(); }
txt = txt.replace(/%CATEGORY%/gi,category);
return txt;

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