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Dos Boot From Usb Cd Drive


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I am trying to create a ghost boot CD that will boot successfully from a HP multi-bay CDRW/DVDROM external USB drive.

I've created an MSDOS 6.22 diskette and obtained the panasonic USBASPI.SYS and USBCD.SYS drivers. This works great if you boot DOS from a diskette drive, as it successfully identifies the USB CD drive and assigns a drive letter via MSCDEX.

Now here's the problem. I take an image of my working diskette with WINIMAGE, and use Nero to burn the image (an .IMA file) as a bootable CD.

Now when I insert the bootable CD I created into the USB CD drive, and try to boot from it, DOS loads OK, initialises the USB and finds the USB drive, but then fails with "bad command or filename". It looks like once the USBASPI.SYS has got hold of the USB CD drive, DOS looses access to it and therefore the remaining part of config.sys/autoexec.bat can't run as it has no drive letter/access to it.

Any ideas folks? I would love to have a ghost CD that can boot off a USB CD drive. Thanks.

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You "could" try this:


It worked for me on an Archos external USB CDROM.

Also, you could try some of the other drivers listed here:


namely USBASPI.SYS, reported to work with GHOST and duse 4.4.

USB support in DOS is somewhat "pesky", a solution that works on a machine does not on another one.

Also. post here your autoexec.bat and config.sys, it "might" have an error that someone on the board could be able to find.


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