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Fully Automated Install - Product Key

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Hi All,

My first post here! Woo Hoo! :thumbup

I'm just making my first unattended Windows XP Home install CD.

I build lots of different machines, and would like the option of specifying the users product key during install, with everything else automatic as possible.

I have tried using the XP SP2 Deployment Tools, but it doesnt seem to offer an appropriate option on the screen where you select the type of user interaction.

Any ideas will be mucho appreciated! :)



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Have you tried not putting a product key in your answer file.  That way you have to type it in each time Windows is installed.

Obviously the second option wud be to have seperate unattend files containing seperate product keys on floppies..

Perform the unsttend as usual, but keep the respective floppy for any machine (containing the key for that machine) in the drive.... and setup will open the unattend file from the floppy drive.. :thumbup

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I personnaly install alots of pc too...

My WINNT.SIF are on a floppy ( clients cd's )

and i put xxxx-xxxx instead real key....

Yes , i cause error, but you can enter your good serial(OEM, VLK,RETAIL...)!

The only bad side of a floppy are the $oem$ folder possibility! NO ONE on this furum was able to give me an answer on my previous post


Good luck!

If someone have a better way, plz share it!..

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Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

I guess I could (As you suggest) remove the key from the file (OR set is to XXX....) after I have created it. (It forces me to do provide one in the tool).

Anyways...cheers guys :D

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