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Question about Automatic Updates in Win XP


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I noticed on my setup that it asked if i wanted to update my setup files. Im not sure if this always happens or why but I responded with no. Is this something that should always be answered as NO?

Another thing I was wondering was before I adjusted the automatic update option it seemed to come up fairly often, is this typical and why? The other thing is do we ever want to do an automatic update?

I understand that you get to see what needs to be updated and choose which components to update, but can't M$ see what OS you are running

and therefore see if it is valid?

On this same point I have noticed that on one of the pulldown menus there is a place where you can check to see if the OS you are running is legal.....pretty interesting huh? If anyone wants to comment on any or all of these issues please do...These are just some things I have been wondering about.

Thanks .....Libidoooh

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You do not need to do auto updates; but it is a good idea on any OS to atleast check, to see about security updates. You only install the ones you want or your system needs. In my experience all info gathered (system to system) if any is software you have and drivers not anything that can link to you personally is sent. Hope this is helpful.:)

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Automatic Updates works based on the system you are running. If you are running Server 2003, it will search for updates just for Server 2003, not XP, Vista, or any other OS. I have mine set to automatically download and install updates. While this may not be for everyone, you can have it notify you when updates are available, and then pick-and-choose which updates to install. Would I recommend turning it off all together? Absolutely not.

As for Microsoft (I hate the M$ crap) gathering information about if your system is legal or not, it's not done by Automatic Updates. The validity check is through Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), and that check your product ID against a set of blacklisted keys, basically.

I'm going to assume that you were upgrading Windows when it asked you if you wanted to download updated setup files to the system, because I've never noticed that on a clean install (Boot from CD). If your network is available, it wouldn't hurt to have setup check if there are newer versions of it to use, but it's not really needed.

As for the Is this copy of Windows legal? in the help dropdown, it is in Windows whether it is a pirated copy, retail, or OEM. It is there to help you know if the version of Windows you bought from the store, or Billy Joe Bob from down the street is legit.

Hope that helps you understand better.

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Patch Tuesday... :rolleyes:

Turning off automatic updates all the way is a baaadddd idea. The potential bad aspects are far outweighed by the benefits of being protected from vulnerabilities. Within hours of a patch tuesday release, malware authors are reverse-engineering patches to figure out the vulnerability, and then using those new-found exploits to catch all of the people who don't update as they should.

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