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Can anyone tell me where to gets this IRC stuff and how I get the beta version to become a tester. I really wish to try this program, but have no idea where to get this IRC or how to go about getting the beta testing program. Thanks in advance to anyone.

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IRC You can get it here http://www.mirc.com/get.html

Once downloaded and installed click on the shortcut to open on your desktop then click on tools go down to options click on options and in connect fill out name ect

then click on servers click add

in description type : out u whant e.g ( xplode )

in irc server type : irc.voidfx.com

in ports type : 6667

then click add button

now click the connect to server button

once connected close the mirc fravorites

goto bottom of page and type /join #xplode

now you should be in the channel you will find out the rest there

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