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Error Xp Install At 9min - Saving Settings


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I have used xpcreate (new version) - and in VMWare and "real Instalation" - with xp sp2 - in Brazilian Portuguese - and the instalation STOP in T 9 min - Saving setting - I tried to reduce my ISO - decrease the number of hotfixes (p.ex. DotNet), but no sucess.

My cdsource (xp sp2 ptbr) is funcional.

I'm sorry (I dont speak english). Help me.



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Welcome to MSFN, gpedrosa!

I'll look when I get a chance. Until then you should first try XPCREATE without hotfixes, and then add them a few at a time until you see the error. As always, first get the simplest XPCREATION working, and then add to it until you see what causes errors. It is usually something simple ...

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Welcome to MSFN, th_moreira!

My idea?

Make an XPCREATE installation, adding nothing but the hotfixes listed on the XPCREATE Web Site. If the problem persists, post your LOGFILES.CAB file, and I can look into it. If the problem is gona, add your "customizations" one at a time until you discover the one that is causing the problem. As I've said so often before: work logically in little baby steps, and most all of the problems can easily be identified.

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