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Windows Aio-dvd


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Hey i have made my Windows AIO-DVD... all system looks to work proberly..

But Windows NT 4.0 comes with a Error in Virtual PC i will hear if that is normal..


My mate got a windows NT 4.0 CD ... i have tryed it out with virtual pc and it still comes with the same error...

Are some one there knows what the problem is ? or is that a normal fail for Windows NT 4.0 in Virtual PC?

and btw :) i have the same problem in VMWARE... it is not comes with that error it's just restart...

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Does the NT 4.0 work properly in a real machine? Only in VPC/vmware its giving this error?

god is in the details and the info that you provide....

i have testet in my computer it is a

2800 mhz HT prescott Processor

1024 GB ram

and after i have read all that stuff before i can format like windows 2000 and XP so i can chose Partion... it reboots.... but on my pentium 2 233 mhz 256 mb ram there it comes with that error here:

1 System Processor [256 mb memory] multiprocessor Kernel

but after 20 seconds i can Continue with the installation of Windows NT..

is that normal?

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yes its normal. there are issues with nt 4 and multiprocessor / uni processor systems.

You can try turning off ht on your actual machine to see if it will workaround this issue.

I'm sure you can find more at vmware's support area.

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