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hi there

i know this has been covered in "smaller" detail previously

but with XPlode 4

can somebody paste a sample of thier script in so i can build on mine

with what you guys are using.

im mainly wanting the stuff that tells it to call a file and wait for it to finish before moving on to next one

same kinda thing if you are using a dos script for example



i also have a little tip

i kept getting errors when i moved files to another folder

so i came up with this.

change folder references in main xml file to ../ instead of %systemdrive% or whatever you use

this way you can build the thing on your hard drive

and be able to move it without changing script arround

just as long as you keep your folder tree in same order it works fine if u move stuff.

dunno weather this is of any use to anybody but i thought i would try adding something usefull instead of just asking for stuff all the time.

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In the example files you get, just keep the entire section in in between the <config> tag and replace the <item> section with what you need to install. Check here for my script but dont use my <config section in it because it dont work. Just look at the item section to get an idea.

hope that helps.

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