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Found new hardware during Unattended Install

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Installing a Dell Optiplex I get the Found new hardware wizard during the installation of Windows XP SP2 when I use a non-Dell screen. Setup continues after a while, but is there a way to get rid of this? It's not in de driversigning policy, I've tried that.

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I've the same problem with the HP DC 7600 computer.

during the installation process, I got the wizard windows "found new hardware" and then after some minutes the windows disapear. When the setup is finished all drivers are recognized.

Is their a way to get rid of this windows ?

Thanks for any feedback.

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I've both signing option in the sif file.

the installation is not stopping because of the "found new hardare". After about 30 secondes, the windows is going away without touching anything.

Now, is it another way to get rit of this anoying pop during the installation ?

thanks for any feedback.

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I have the same problem, and it only occurs when there's an onboard Intel Graphics card present in the system. After some investigation i figured out the the Intel drivers are the problem. When hardware is getting probed for detection, and the intel graphics is found it then asks for a driver. The hardware it is actually looking for is the second (non present) monitor. This is for dual display configuration.

So i seems the intel drivers are the cause.

The setup continues as normal, check HDD activity during the display of the found new hardware box, and you'll notice hardware detection continues in the background.

It's mainly an annoying thing, everything works normally after setup completes.

But if there is someone who knows how to disable the new hardware found box during setup.. i'd like to know.


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ok now i have another problem. im playing audio during uA installation after T-33(when audio drivers install finishes). when i integrate, KB883667 audio is not played at all(but the song already started). Also during the RunOnceEx execution, i play audio. When the song is started this time, windows tells about the driver signing (for the audio driver) and i have to press "continue anyway". i cant hear the song here either.

I got **** bugged up and stopped integrating this KB.

anyway if i leave the 'new hardware found' for the monitor as it is, after 1-2 min, that windows is gone and installation carries out as usual. This delays installing the audio driver for sometime, so i wait a minute more to start playing the song.

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