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After updating, it will pop frequencely.


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After I update February 2005 update of Windows XP SP2, it will pop the window, just below..

so I want to disable the window in the unattended xp cd, how to do?


Edit: it means it ask me to restart the computer.

I don't like this..so I want to disable this window.


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This is the default behavior of SP2's updates. If you need to reboot after updating, it will popup every few minutes to tell you to reboot. I have the same problem at the moment (just installed the latest updates), spent a while looking for a way to disable it, but it seems there's no way to do so. The only way is to set the timeout of when it will remind you again with the following regtweak:


This will set the timeout to 1 day (1440 minutes, change it to whatever you like).

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