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First of all I would like to congratulate the creator of this.I must admit I am impressed.I have been trying to create a multiboot environment which will include an unattened installtion(fool-proof-install) :lol: .I have done it so far with the other methods and yesterday I came across this.I converted from the RunOnceEx.cmd and have managed to set it up to run in T9,T12 and in First logon.

The problem Lies that I want it to run in the T9 so I place it to the 5 position and configure it to fit in the blue screen without covering the left column of the original setup.Now when Running Some applications(most of them) appear in the backround normaly so I part of the window is displayed in the left and spoils the fun.I also tried launching it at my current system pointing to a specific exe but still the <hide> statement does not work.IF aslo I set ot to false the prog does not even wait the execution to be finished and carries on.I do want the T9 spot since it is more neat and I intend to also change the billboard..

I have modified the original XML.file so I am only posting an exemple of an item tab

<item display="Nero 6.6">

<execute display='PreInserting Serial'>


<arguments>/s #Sourcedrive#\CUSTM\Nero\register.reg"</arguments>



<execute display='Installing Nero Ultra Edition'>


<arguments>/silent /noreboot</arguments>




I am usiing the latest ver offcourse.Any help is apreciated.

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