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WinRaR 3.42


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Yeah, but where's the coolness of "hacking" the WinRar installation, using WinRar!?

You can hack 7Zip too. :) But personaly, I still prefer WinRAR. I find it much easier.

replacing the icons with more modern ones?

cuz i emailed the author about possibly adding newer icons & he emailed back saying he has no plans on it :P

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Here is how to do it, just in case you are interested.
Ah. Finally!

Thanks totoymola. :D

I was reading Asta posting about this method, but it was still vague, so did not do it till now.

Now its clear. So I'm still gaining from uA discussions!

Oh, and I always prefer the SFX module of RAR. 7zip is good only when it will cut-down on size (compared to rar) by atleast 25% or 5 MB. Office, NAV2k3, etc. are the ones that are good for 7zip. I compress all else with rar.

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REG ADD %KEY%\030 /V 3 /D "REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\WinRAR3.42\Setting.reg" /f

u can also add Setting.reg to the archive, winrar will automatically import the setting after first run.

Oh, and how is that done?

ask mr. Roshal :P

wirrar first run execute "Import settings from file"

you can read in winrar help under "Options menu"

You may export WinRAR settings to a file and import them later using two appropriate commands of the "Import/Export" submenu. The file has "Settings.reg" name and is placed in the same folder as WinRAR.exe. Restoring settings from the file can reduce time required to configure WinRAR if you re-installed Windows or need to move WinRAR to another computer. If WinRAR cannot find settings in Registry and Settings.reg file is present in WinRAR folder, it will be imported automatically.
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I extract it to program files during setup along with some other stand alone appz i use, just sfx the winrar folder with settings.reg and rarreg.key in it. No need to install at all just click ok to import settings on first run. :)

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