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Audigy 2 Platinum Included CDs!


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I got:

Soldier of Fortune 2 - Double Helix (Retail w/CD Key)

Hitman 2 (Retail w/CD Key)

Ulead VideoStudio 5 (Retail w/CD Key)

Mixing Software

This sound card is worth getting!

Anyone know where I can get 6.1 speakers for $100 or less?

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Games and apps that come with hardware are generally limited demos of the product...well all the stuff that i have ever seen has been

As for the $100 six speaker set....i dont think its gonna happen..if you want the best look into Kliptch theya re the best but look 2 spend a decent amount


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Trust me I bought it. Its semi full game. There only 7 missions instead of 25 like the full version. There some other limited. All OEM bundle are like that. They called SE (special edition). Love the Audigy. I have its for a while now. Haven't use all its function yet. The best thing i like is control my computer with the remote control. Thats about it.

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Im gonna get one as soon you can get it bulk for less than 100$ ... I hate when companies bundle all sorts of crap with their products! I don't want it! I want the product (I this case an Audigy2) at the lowest price that I can posibly have!

Bundled software doesn't make it cheaper! period!

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