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OOBE annoyance gone.. but...


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Hello everybody!

I managed to kick every other OOBE step off, except the User creation. However, that assistant that says "I can help you blahblah.." is STILL annoying. How can it be removed? nLite can do that someway I believe...

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I think nLite can do i, im not sure i used microsofts own unattended software to do it for me. I think this is what yoou need in your winnt.sif file:



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A good thumb rule is, if you had a problem with the normal uA install of windows which you weren't able to fix by yourself, then nLite is some distance away for you. Its a good app alright, but what happens is most people blame the problems they had on the nite tool. So if you're likely to have problems, then better not start with it till you're ready (with relevant knowledge). Of course, the *ONLY* downside you could have with using nLite before you're ready, is you might post in the nLite forum with a problem/question that's been answered a hundred times already and get flamed for it. :lol:

As for what you're asking, reading the guide is really the BEST way to get answers. I'm not sure OEMskipwelcome is a solution, but the below is what works perfectly (you ALSO need the oemskipwelcome to be set):


Specifies whether Setup skips Windows Welcome or Mini-Setup when preinstalling Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional using the CD Boot method. Set this to yes to skip the "Setting Up Internet Connection" and "Create User Accounts" screens.

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