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  1. Thanks very much. I had that line over there but for some reason it was switched to 0. Thanks for making me notice this
  2. Hello everybody! I managed to kick every other OOBE step off, except the User creation. However, that assistant that says "I can help you blahblah.." is STILL annoying. How can it be removed? nLite can do that someway I believe...
  3. Guys, forget XP... Install 3.1 NT, far more stable (no programs to run, unless it crashes with minesweeper ) and secure (as it has no support for proper net cards..)
  4. That's REALLY IRRITATING! Often they call me and say: "Hello! How are you? My modem doesn't work, what can I do??????" or "Do I have to buy a new PC to remove spyware??" And much sillier things, as well as normal problems which I can't understand, especially with their English accent, reading the error messages
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody! (especially to war59312) Actually what I got was only $$$, which I put together with mine and made up my new Apple Powerbook 15"
  6. Wow, that was amazing.. (in a bad way) An earthquake reaching the number 9. Wow. We are still missing 27 Greek people here who haven't showed a sign of life. I think we should all do something to help those people over there, who, practically or theoritically lost their lives (are dead or with no possesions).
  7. Isn't it weird that my Athlon XP 3000+ displays it for 17 solid seconds? Great site btw. That thing with the palettes drives me crazy. NO MORE HEX EDITING PLEASE //EDIT: How do you compile this?
  8. Hello everybody, I fetched a copy of this ancient piece of OS, and JUST discovered it is NOT BOOTABLE! This is driving me real mad, as I tested pasting all floppies in I386 and using weird boot sectors from floppies and Win 2000, but NOTHING WORKS! Most times I get a page fault Anybody done this before, or someone with a really good idea? PS: this might be considered off-topic as it is an older NT version. hey you, almost deleting or closing this topic, can you remember that the same happens with NT 4?
  9. Too bad, I was in a great mood when I found out how to start the installation from WinPE. I actually thought that something crashed and the installation window closed. But after reading this topic I finally understood there must be no way to avoid the "blue screen of installation" (not "of death" ). Is there really a way to avoid the holy reboot in "doslike" mode and get the installation done in GUI, except of rewriting and redesigning the installation yourself?
  10. Tsunami: Thanks, very much, that was all I needed to know red_house: Now Why should I sneeze? rdalling: another useful tip, thanks
  11. Ok, there is no need to threat me, I know the board rules and I intend to follow them. I'm talking about the wizard that appears after the installation, on the first boot. The getting started wizard which allows a registration with Microsoft, creation of users and activation (non-corp versions). Am I clear now?
  12. Does anybody know where this is located? (exe/dll) I am willing to resource hack this, it's not the best feature of the installation...
  13. Hello everybody, My nickname is Despal and I'm from Greece. I was recently introduced to the idea of the unattended XP CD and I really adored the idea of making my own XP edition with what I want and the way I want it. I joined this forum to be a part of the conversation so I can ask questions or even answer some, as well as being informed.

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