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info about SATA/RAID

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i've prepared my unattended cd for personal use: i haven't got a SATA HDD,i've got only a normal ATA133...

now if i want to rent my cd to my friends they have a SATA...how can i include the driver? i've read http://greenmachine.msfnhosting.com/READING/addraid.htm but i don't know if all SATA driver work good of i must insert a specific driver for the SATA HDD...

there are universal drivers they work for ALL SATA?or not...?if yes,someone could give me the link?


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You're not going to be able to find all of them. If you are really interested in building a disk that can be used on multiple machines using SATA drivers, you're best bet will be to find out what SATA card or cards your friends have and then download them.

Trying to find all of them would be impossible.

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