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Specifying application folder?


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Hey all, I've been browsing the site and forums for a few days now and am working on my first unattended XP CD. MSFN is a really great resource! After searching the forums up and down for the last two days, I still haven't found anything on specifying the application folder, so I guess it's safe to ask about it. ;)

Here is how I set up my Windows:


d:\Program Files

e:\Documents and Settings

That's the easy part, of course; got that covered with winnt.sif. So on to "d:\Program Files":

I don't want to have all applications installed in the \Program Files folder. Rather, I prefer to put them into categories and sub-categories. Following are some examples:

\Program Files
..\BS Player

The question now is, how do I specify these folders so it's done automatically? Is it possible to do this with RunOnceEx, or necessary to use something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's an example for MSI-installer based apps:

%systemdrive%\install\apps\officeXP\setup.msi TRANSFORMS=unattended.mst INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Productivity\Office" /QB-!

But this is a really time-consuming task. Just let the apps install where they want to.

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