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  1. For, not of. Got it. Anyway, I've got this thread bookmarked.
  2. There is an MSI installer of 7-zip? I was actually looking for one a few days ago but didn't find anything. Not on the official site, not somewhere else. Maybe it's in the new beta, but I can't extract or test that file without getting an error that it's unsupported and the process cancelling. Can you shed some light on this?
  3. Oi, that was fast, Wraith. Consider me your guinnea pig for this problem btw. I just got done with another try (this time without a password at all which won't let it execute at all). I'll fix my code and try again - with a password.
  4. Small update: I've added the line in HIVESYS.INF as specified on the linked site: These two lines are line 817 & 818 respectively now. (Mentioning this to save others a few minutes.) Starting the secondary logon works. Using the code from my second post in this thread did not work, so it's not possible at the moment to have something display while autoloading a profile, I figure. I can only guess what's up here since I'm just an amateur without formal schooling in programming, but from the log, it looks like <program></program> is immediately expected after the <execute token="Test User">. Following are the pertinent parts of the XPlode.XML and the log. I'll test without the <execute display=""> in a second, just wanted to let you know (and also to not lose the log). More info when I have it.
  5. Btw, I'd actually prefer to have a display entry "Installing Mozilla Profile", the XML and log are just from another test I ran. This is what I was thinking about: <item display="Installing Internet Programs"> <execute display="Installing Mozilla Suite"> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Software\Internet\mozilla\mozilla-1.8a6.exe</program> <wait>true</wait> </execute> <execute token="Test User"> <execute display="Installing Mozilla Profile"> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Software\Internet\mozilla\profile.exe</program> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </execute> </item>
  6. I've created a switchless SFX of Mozilla and also create an SFX for my user profile that I would like to both run at T-12 using XPlode with cmdlines.txt. Since I create the account in that step as well, I thought that installing the profile with a simulated user logon would work, but unfortunately, that fails. Here are my XPlode.xml (based on the GFXInstall): <XPlode4> <config> <tokens> <token username="Test User" password="test" /> </tokens> <environment> <display.title>XPlode Installation</display.title> <display.complete>completed</display.complete> <adduser.adduser>Adding user: #1#</adduser.adduser> <adduser.deluser>Deleting user: #1#</adduser.deluser> <adduser.addgroup>Adding group: #1#</adduser.addgroup> <adduser.delgroup>Deleting group: #1#</adduser.delgroup> <execute.string>Executing: #1#</execute.string> <misc.sfcos-disable>Disabling Windows File Protection</misc.sfcos-disable> <misc.sfcos-enable>Enabling Windows File Protection</misc.sfcos-enable> <misc.netstart>Starting #1#</misc.netstart> <misc.netstop>Stopping #1#</misc.netstop> <registry.read>Reading from registry</registry.read> <registry.write>Writing to registry</registry.write> </environment> <display plugin='#XPLODE#\XPlodeGFXInstall.x4d'> <show total='12' after='4' subcount='true' /> <font face='Verdana' antialias='true' small='8' large='13' /> <window width='420' height='750' position='2' /> <windowmode border='true' ontop='false' /> <colours> <header x='4' y='4' fore='#FFFFFF' /> <footer x='4' y='730' width='410' fore='#D97D2B' /> <progress border='#000000' back='#FFFFFF' fore='#008800' /> <main x='16' y='40' width='388' fore='#FFFFFF' current='#FFFF00' description='#FFFF80' overlay='#FFFFFF44'/> </colours> </display> </config> <items> <item display="Adding users to #COMPUTERNAME#"> <adduser display="Adding Test User"> <username>"Test User"</username> <password>test</password> <group>Administrators</group> <arguments>accounts /maxpwage:unlimited</arguments> <hide>true</hide> </adduser> </item> <item display="Installing Internet Programs"> <execute display="Installing Mozilla Suite"> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Software\Internet\mozilla\mozilla-1.8a6.exe</program> <wait>true</wait> </execute> <execute token="Test User"> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Software\Internet\mozilla\profile.exe</program> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> </items> </XPlode4> and the log: >>> Log session start at: 2005/02/09 05:44:21 XPlode4 Adding environment variables #XPLODE# = 'F:\XPlode' #SOURCEPATH# = 'F:' #SOURCEDRIVE# = 'F:' #VERSION# = 'XPlode 4.00' XMLParser::LoadFile(F:\XPlode\XPlode.xml) Reading environment variables from XML #DISPLAY.TITLE# = 'XPlode Installation' #DISPLAY.COMPLETE# = 'completed' #ADDUSER.ADDUSER# = 'Adding user: #1#' #ADDUSER.DELUSER# = 'Deleting user: #1#' #ADDUSER.ADDGROUP# = 'Adding group: #1#' #ADDUSER.DELGROUP# = 'Deleting group: #1#' #EXECUTE.STRING# = 'Executing: #1#' #MISC.SFCOS-DISABLE# = 'Disabling Windows File Protection' #MISC.SFCOS-ENABLE# = 'Enabling Windows File Protection' #MISC.NETSTART# = 'Starting #1#' #MISC.NETSTOP# = 'Stopping #1#' #REGISTRY.READ# = 'Reading from registry' #REGISTRY.WRITE# = 'Writing to registry' Reading tokens from XML AccessToken::SetupTokens(Test User) Username: Test User Domain: WH56-0202 Password: ***** Loading XPlode plugins Loading display plugin: 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeGFXInstall.x4d' Plugin load successful: 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeGFXInstall.x4d' Loading effects plugins Plugin load successful: 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeRegistry.x4e' Plugin load successful: 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeMisc.x4e' Plugin load successful: 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeExecute.x4e' Plugin load successful: 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeAdduser.x4e' Registering XPlode commands Registering commands in 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeRegistry.x4e' Command registered: <registry ... /> Registering commands in 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeMisc.x4e' Command registered: <sfcos-enable ... /> Command registered: <sfcos-disable ... /> Command registered: <netstart ... /> Command registered: <netstop ... /> Registering commands in 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeExecute.x4e' Command registered: <execute ... /> Registering commands in 'F:\XPlode\XPlodeAdduser.x4e' Command registered: <adduser ... /> Command registered: <addgroup ... /> Command registered: <deluser ... /> Command registered: <delgroup ... /> Spawning display plugin Install log: Starting dialog Install log: Execution thread Executing tag: 'XPlode4(0).items(0).item(0).adduser(0)' Install log: Running: 'NET USER "Test User" test /ADD' (hidden) Install log: Running: 'NET LOCALGROUP "Administrators" "Test User" /ADD' (hidden) Executing tag: 'XPlode4(0).items(0).item(1).execute(0)' Install log: Running: 'F:\Software\Internet\mozilla\mozilla-1.8a6.exe ' Executing tag: 'XPlode4(0).items(0).item(1).execute(1)' AccessToken::LoadUserProfile(Test User) failed - The device is not ready. AccessToken::ImpersonateLoggedOnUser(Test User) succeeded. Install log: Running: 'F:\Software\Internet\mozilla\profile.exe ' >>> Log session end at: 2005/02/09 05:46:09 The installation of Mozilla worked, and in a sense also that of the profile. But since the logon didn't work, a different user profile was created on first logon, of course. AccessToken::LoadUserProfile(Test User) failed - The device is not ready. What exactly does it mean, the device isn't ready, and what did I do wrong? If I've missed a thread covering this already, please let me know.
  7. Okay, I figured out my problems and got (almost) everything to work the way I'd like it to. Anyway, here are some comments: If you want to add a user name like: Test User -- don't forget the quotes. That's what my main problem was. So this is correct: <item display="Adding users to #COMPUTERNAME#"> <adduser display="Adding Test User"> <username>"Test User"</username> <password>test</password> <group>Administrators</group> </adduser> </item> Maybe it should be mentioned in the docs that the quotes thing still applies here? @saitoh183 Removing the quotes as I wrote in my above post should work for you to install correctly from the CD. Since XPlode automatically specifies the #SOURCEPATH# (in my case the F: drive), no further drive lookup is necessary. For testing purposes, I suggest you only try to install one item until you've got it to work. That'll save you a lot of time. @Nanaki I copy/pasted your code from your first reply in this thread and the following creates a problem (not for saitoh183 because that syntax is correct): <execute display='Programma'> You have to replace the single quotes with double quotes or XPlode can't execute: <item display="BSplayer 1.1.814"> <execute display="Programma"> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Install\Apps\bsplayer.exe</program> <arguments>/S</arguments> </execute> </item> If you didn't have a problem with this, good for you. But it was the double quotes that made it work for me.
  8. saitoh183, try getting rid of the excess quotes in that command. cmdlines.txt: [COMMANDS] "xplode\XPlode.exe /xml:#XPLODE#\XPlode.xml /log:C:\XPlode.log /console" Edit: Gotta mull over some more problems here before posting more results.
  9. I'll look into AutoIt, but can someone also give some details on how to do this manually? An example would be nice.
  10. Hey all, I've been browsing the site and forums for a few days now and am working on my first unattended XP CD. MSFN is a really great resource! After searching the forums up and down for the last two days, I still haven't found anything on specifying the application folder, so I guess it's safe to ask about it. Here is how I set up my Windows: c:\Windows d:\Program Files e:\Documents and Settings That's the easy part, of course; got that covered with winnt.sif. So on to "d:\Program Files": I don't want to have all applications installed in the \Program Files folder. Rather, I prefer to put them into categories and sub-categories. Following are some examples: \Program Files .\[Internet] ..\mIRC ..\Mozilla .\[Multimedia] ..\BS Player ..\Quicktime .\[Workstation] ..\Adobe ...\Reader The question now is, how do I specify these folders so it's done automatically? Is it possible to do this with RunOnceEx, or necessary to use something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. You need to add quotes because of the space in "Program Files": (Not sure if the quotes on the last line also need the backslash. I don't think so.) But running a crack? Tsk, tsk.

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