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Event Viewer - AVG Error Logged.


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Below is a copy of an enquiry I posted at the AVG Free Forum, however it has not elicited any responses.

_ After an OS [Win.XP Home Edit. SP2] clean install about a week ago I installed AVG7 Free Edition, as I had used it previously and found it to my liking.

However on 5 occasions since I have found this Event Viewer entry:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: AVG7

Event Category: Fatal

Event ID: 100

Date: 15/01/2005

Time: 7:18:53 PM


Computer: WDGR


2005-01-15 09:18:53,515 WDGR [001324:001524] FATAL 000 AVG7.AM.WSC.CServiceModule unhandled exception caught (299, Wed Sep 22 00:51:41 2004)

What does it mean?

As far as I am aware AVG is working as intended - as is everything else. _

When I previously used AVG7 the OS was SP1.

Since posting to the AVG forum another 4 E. Viewer entries have been logged.

Can anyone here shed any light on the matter?

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