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MUI Pack for Windows Messenger 5.0


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I have created a multi-language unattend XP SP2 installation using the Microsoft "MUI" Packs.

I have installed Windows Messenger 5.0 which also has an MUI Pack. Messenger is running fine, but I am having problems getting the MUI pack for Messenger to install. The MUI Pack contains a single MSI file. I try to run the MSI install unattended as follows:

start /wait msiexec /i WM5MUI.msi /qn

The MSI installer starts but then it quits unexpectedly. When I view the MSI logfile, it seems to check for the exact version of Windows Messenger and then bomb out. This is weird because I have the right version of Messenger installed.

Even weirder, if I manually just double-click the MSI and install it by hand, it works!!

Has anyone else tried this? Please help! Thanks everyone.


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How to change the opinion? I have the same problem and I downloaded Wininstall LE to load msi file.

when I install the netframework and other stuff unattendedly (of course, I tested on the VMWare), it quit unexceptly.

so how to change msi opinion in WinInstall LE?

Thank you,


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