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Service downtime or database problems ?


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I'm getting all sorts of errors, when connecting to the board. This only happens in the mornings hours (8:45am local time = 3:45am board time).

Some of the error messages come from mysql, saying this or that table isn't there, or a connection couldn't be found. Other messages just say 'hey-an error happened - check back later' .... Often I got the 'host not found' error in IE.

Is it service-downtime, or have there been 'unplanned' problems with the board software? I didn't find any 'official' board service timeouts. Have there been some in the last few days, or what was happening ?

[EDIT]When I got an answer from the board the load was up above 50%[/EDIT]

Example: Today, January, 11th, 3:45AM board time.

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I had those too, but very rarely. It was like, that error message would only come for a small time. If I tried again a minute later, it would be fine.

Talking about DDoS attacks, please take a look at this thread: topic=32746

I think something is wrong there. It cannot be possible that there has been 146,335 downloads of that attached file. Very low interest in the thread, but lot of downloads - how can that be?

Even the Registry Tweaks attachment (which has a high-interest thread, and lot of people wanting that file) has seen only 8370 downloads.

If it is is really true that there has been 146,335 downloads of that file, then is that the method the attackers are using to DDoS the site? If so, then please set the forums to give post-attachment downloads only to registered/logged-in members. (dunno.... just trying to find out ways to prevent mis-use :) )

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Well, it certainly wont be the first time MSFN has suffered a DDoS attack, there was one back in 2003, as you guys probably remember.

@prathapml: even disallowing guests from dloading files wont stop a DDoS attack unfortunatly... nice find on that file though... the only solution to a DDoS attack is to get their ISP to kick them offline...

heres an interesting story about a web admin who got fed up with DDoS...


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Everything will be fine soon. It's not DDoS. At that time we have min. number of visitors and server taking daily backup. Only database is over 800 MB. You can imagine how much power that need.

As I said, soon. Back to work.

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