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MSN Messenger 5.0 Update Message?

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i am running MSN Messenger 5.0.0575 (dubbed the windows95 version) on windows 98se. i continually get the "a new version of msn is available..." msg. i would like to disable this, preferably without using a crack/patch but will if needed.

i read that this is possible to do in windows 2000, however it doesnt work with windows98se. i have also tried with msn messenger 5.0.0543, but it didnt work with that version either.

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you can't disable it

about windows 2000 i doubt it's possible

well why don't u upgrade?is the new version filled with useless stuff?

you CAN disable it in windows 2000...ms even wrote an article on how to do so. and yes, of course the latest version is full of useless crap, and 'SpeedyMSN' isnt any speedier. MSN 6 and 7 is slow as on my P133 laptop. That's why i have stepped back. This was possible to do in msn 4.6 apparantly. I have tried alternative programs, and im not particularly interested in switching to another MSN alternative.

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dmsn is a app that takes alot of resources

if you want to disable it goto win 2000,if not you'll have to put up with it in win9x

my laptop dislikes windows 2000. if i could go to windows 2000 on this i would be running Windows Messenger.

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