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help: problem with multiple primary partitions!


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could the separate installations of an OS and programs on different partitions affect the efficiency of the whole system?


1> partition scheme

yesterday i bought a 120g hard disk and paritioned it with Partition Magic using a whole night. the partitions are physically continously allocated in order as:

"primary partition 1" to "primary partition 3" and, then for the extended partition, "logical patition 1" to "logical partition 9"

2> installation scheme

i want to install xp on primary partition 1 and programs such as Photoshop, autoCAD on logical partition 1, which is physically two primary partitions of totally 12 g away from primary partition 1

3> my concern

if for the time being, i'd like to use just this installation scheme, would it affect the efficiencies such as the time elapse demanded when xp on the primary partition 1 calls programs on logcial partition 1 and then runs it, of the system?

could any one give some suggestions?

thanks in advance


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As idea is very good, but in real time u will get some low read rate...

This is goin to be only in the begging, when the program starts. After the load u want lose read-write rate.

My opinion, if u'd like read-write speed rate, make raid 0 with the disadvantage that if one hd fail u lose everything!

Always depends on your needings

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thanks a lot!

i've repartitioned the new hard disk and, made physically continuously allocated primary partition 3 where a copy of the existing xp os on my old hard drive should reside on the new disk and logical partition 1 on the new hard disk.

leaving things on the old hard drive unchanged, i tried using partition magic 8 to dump the whole partition c: on the old hard disk to primary partition 3 on the new hard disk and changed the bios settings to let the pc boot from the new hard disk.

but this problem occured:

after showing the log on dialog box, the copied xp os on the new hard disk stays with a blue screen (cause the backgound of the style of the existing xp os is set to "none") and plunged into "death".

only the mouse is functioning and that press "ctrl+alt-del" produces no system "log-oof" dialog box, strikes on the keyboard also produces no system information

what went run?

could u please hlep me once more?

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Refering to your first post:

My system runs in a similar way as you described and i think that it even runs faster since the system partition is smaller (= less trashed) and i can defrag it from time to time.

Refering to your second post:

don't change the bios settings to load the old os, use the boot.ini (or find a boot manager) to choose between os on startup.

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thanks Vito!

yet,i'd like to shift most of the operation to the new one,cause the old one has been used for about 3 years.

the problem is that: the system copied from the original partition C: on the old one and that produced by dumping the image file corresponding to the system on partition c: of the old one DOES NOT WORK as expected,in that this copied os CAN NOT function well----------it goes dead after justing showing the log-on dialog box

would u help me a bit more?


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