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edit and open cmd error


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hi there

i have a problem editing cmd file's

in my contexmenu there is only open.., and no edit or open with

i did try to change it in the file associations, but no luck

it's still open... only.. :blink:

is there somone that can help me with this

sorry for the bad english

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Click once on the file so that it is highlighted........

Then hold in shift and right click on the file.......

On the menu there should be the open with option.....

Then you can choose either notepad or wordpad to edit with....

if i do that there ar no options

not even open :no:

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Try this.. save it as cmdfile.reg and run it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Windows NT Command Script"






If that works and you need the other shell registry entries just ask.

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