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What Did You Get For Christmas


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Nothing. I live alone and both parents are dead. No family and no friends.

sorry about that dude, think of it through this way, your parents watch over you everyday and they offer you protection.

On topic:

Mom and Dad: Samsung DVD+/- RW drive "thumbup"

Mom and Dad: Scorpio eau de toilet (do i smell? :unsure: )

Brother: Creative Webcam NX :hello:

My bestfriend (:blushing:i have a crush on her): Digital Camera

Grandma: Chocolates :thumbup

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@Dagonet': I like your chair

Thanks..Very Comfy... The back conforms to the curves in your back and shoulders... The feature I like the most. The arms are adjustable...Click the button and you have 4 heights to adjust to


Costco..... $80.00 Can..About $64.00 US

It's actually darker than this pic..More like the other pics. I just used the flash on this one...

Cheers Bud ;)

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