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MSN Messenger Settings


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I can't find a post on this anywhere...

I know lots of people hate Messenger, but all my friends use it so I haven't really got a choice. I have got it to install using my batch file on my unattended DVD fine...however, its default settings state that it should 'open main window at startup' and 'show msn today' I have to untick these boxes every time and while that isnt too much work it is still annoying.

Anyone know how to fix this? I can't find where those setting are stored anywhere. :(

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I am not sure if these settings work but here they are:

;-------------->MSN Messenger Tweaks<---------------

;-----  MSN Messenger: Disables - 'Display MSN Today when Messenger signs in' & 'Open Messenger main window when Messenger starts'

;-----  MSN Messenger: Set 'Sort Contacts by Online/Offline'

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If you want to configure your MSN Messenger unattended, there is a trick

configure your Messenger as u desire

then go to this registry key:


all the settings u make with your MSN Messenger are stored in this key

your just copy this key (not sub keys) and add it during RunonceEx.


;-----  MSN Messenger: Set 'Sort Contacts by Online/Offline'


in this key

"1729642803" this number is not always same; it varies.


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