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  1. WOW THANK YOU!!! I will try them in a minute! BTW, MCT these ones aren't specific to msn account, if they were then I would only have to set em once, thanks anyway though.
  2. I can't find a post on this anywhere... I know lots of people hate Messenger, but all my friends use it so I haven't really got a choice. I have got it to install using my batch file on my unattended DVD fine...however, its default settings state that it should 'open main window at startup' and 'show msn today' I have to untick these boxes every time and while that isnt too much work it is still annoying. Anyone know how to fix this? I can't find where those setting are stored anywhere.
  3. Click Here for bcdw 2 Here you go, bcdw 2!
  4. Just worked it out, the version of bcdw must have been the incompatible one i have read of and this new version requires that i put the word boot after the bcdw command so my line now reads: if $lastKey == key[3]; then bcdw boot /isolinux/isolinux.bin Dan
  5. Hi, I know there are many posts on this but i cant find any that answer my question; i apologise if it has been answered already. I am using CDShell for my multiboot dvd and I have managed to get all my setups working, however, i decided to try and add knoppix. The posts I have read on here say i need to download bcdw and place it in the modules folder and all will be fine, I have done this but cdshell keeps saying 'command not recognised' I am using bcdw 1.50z. I have tried extracting just the .csm file to the module folder and I have tried extracting everything from the bcdw zip file into the boot folder so that it overwrites my cdshell.ini and i then place my cdshell.ini inside the file the new cdshell.ini points too...if you follow... but that doesnt work either.....help? Oh....ok scrap all that, I have just visited the bcdw website and it has changed since this morning, now bcdw 2 is out and that works better...only i get a 'invalid bcdw command' rather than an unrecognised command...

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