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WPI ... question


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ok no more question... I got it working...

for those of u I have some notes on the bottom of the page that u should really look at.

to avoide 3 hours of work...

here is my new code. pls note i am using specialize installer so i dont use switches

u can use my config.js as a template only. oh sorry i did not sort the order of my

programs so it might be little confusing. I will do that later.

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a couple of things i am not quite certain about.

1. someone say i dont need "regedit /s" to silently install registry tweaks.

2. what about pskill is my string correct?

3. do u guys see any errors?

4. I usually have a sfx for the updated def. file of adaware. but i ran out of command line. I need 4 but i got only 3

attachment deleted contained many errors

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why dont you try running WPI.hta, and see if there are any errors?

if there are, try commenting out chunks of code little by little until the problem goes away, and then you can narrow it down.

that's what i did when i had a problem...

this should probably be in the WPI Thread

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Astalavista - see you are using a different veriosn of the WPI then me, so this answer is somewhat based on my version.

I dont use REGEDIT /S - never done - never had any problems.

As for the pskill - looks fine to me - but dont know why you have cmd /c added.

I dont know if this could cause any problems, but anyway.

You are using capital letters under yahoo:


Haven't got a clue if this mean anything.

As for your problem with the ad-aware:

Just make a batch file running the pskill.exe ( both in the same ) and there you have your extra command line.

Hope it helps

Pezzie :hello:

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Guys went i use Notepad to edit I get a lot of errors.

But when i use FrontPage 2003... i see the error right away.

Someone posted their wpi and it had cmd /c

Here is something that is also not very clear.

What happens to my cleanup.cmd???

guys look at this page http://members.aon.at/equinox/wpi/

that is where i got the regedit /s and cmd /c from I am using his version.

this should probably be in the WPI Thread

heheheh... i am planning on making a graphical guide if all is well


desc[pn]=['Post Install Cleanup Removing Temporary Files and All Irrelevant objects']

regb[pn]=['Drive','Registry Key Path']


cmd2[pn]=['Drive','CommandLine 2']

cmd3[pn]=['Drive','CommandLine 3']

rega[pn]=['Drive','Registry Key Path']






I just noticed the order of the categories are all screwed up.

attachment deleted many errors

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ok everyone I finally got it to work!

it appears i got some incorrect information.

1. when dealing with a reg key u need not put regedit /s

2. when dealing with pskill or history kill u wont need cmd /c

3. When u finalize editing your config.js make sure that u delete all the lines

that contain no info

pn=0    // start value vor prog numbering
regb[pn]=['Drive','Registry Key Path']
cmd1[pn]=['Drive','CommandLine 1']
cmd2[pn]=['Drive','CommandLine 2']
cmd3[pn]=['Drive','CommandLine 3']
rega[pn]=['Drive','Registry Key Path']
cat[pn]=['Appllication Category']

let say u use only cmd1[pn]

make sure that u remove cmd2, cmd3 etc

otherwise u will get errors. this was not stated in the guide.

In addition one major problem i had was that

instead of

cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\software\\LC161a\LC161a.exe /S']

it should be

cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\software\\LC161a\\LC161a.exe /S']

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I suggest that u guys use Frontpage to edit your hta so easy to use

and when u make a mistake... it automatically tells u. isnt that great

i hv to figure out how i can move the clock and change the background

to transparent.

if u are using frontpage all u need to do is right click any part of the page

and then select page properties and go to advance and select

your background

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moving the clock is easy just find this code in the hta file and cut and paste it where you want ;)

 if(timer=='on') startInterval();
 if(timer=='off') stopInterval();
 if(timer!='off'&& timer!='on') window.alert('Timer Value can only be "on" or "off" Please Change it in config.js');
 <span style="vertical-align: bottom"><strong>
 <font size="2" color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial">
   if(timer=='on') document.write("The Installer<br>will start in");
 <form name=display size="4" class="txtboxshow" style="align: center; font-size: 24pt; font-family: Arial; font-weight: bold; color: #FFFF00; vertical-align: baseline; width:100; height:37"></form>
 <strong><font face="Arial" size="1" color="#FFFFFF">
   if(timer=='on') document.write("Click here to stop the timer");

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