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Xplode and Multiple Commands


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I don't know if this can work. I was using WPI and moving to xPlode.

Here is a sample of my WPI code.

prog[pn]=['Ad-Aware SE 1.5']
desc[pn]=['Removes Un-Wanted AdWare programs and trackers.']
cmd1[pn]=['%systemdrive%\Install\aawsepersonal.exe /silent']
cmd2[pn]=['TASKKILL /F /IM HH.exe']
cmd3[pn]=['TASKKILL /F /IM ad-aware.exe']
cat[pn]=['System Security']

Here is what I want in xplode

 display=’Installing Ad-Aware SE 1.5’
 program=’ %systemdrive%\Install\aawsepersonal.exe’
 program=’ TASKKILL /F /IM HH.exe’
 program=’ TASKKILL /F /IM ad-aware.exe’

Will this work correctly?


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no must be along these lines...

<item display='Installing Ad-Aware SE 1.5'>
<execute display='Installing aawse Personal........'
arguments='/silent' />
<!-- -->
<execute display='Killing Task HH.exe........'
program='TASKKILL /F /IM HH.exe' />
<!-- -->
<execute display='Killing Task Ad-Aware.......'
program='TASKKILL /F /IM ad-aware.exe' />

This should work only if the syntax's are ok. I have extra <!-- --> just to split up my programmes so i can read my xml file better.

That is why i try and keep my file with




always under each other.

A quick check to see if the XPlode.xml file is ok is to do a right click on it and load it in internet explorer or other browser. If it lists up ok then the file itself is ok. It is only a basic check but it comes up with errors with certain things wrong.

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